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    17 Times Tumblr Understood How Much You Hate Makeup

    "How do I eyeliner?"

    1. This person who knows that makeup tutorials are easier said than done.

    2. And this person who shows how tough it is to keep up with the latest ~trends~.

    3. This accurate depiction of how hard it is to nail a smoky eye.

    4. This valid representation of sleep vs. getting ready.

    5. And the early-morning struggle.

    6. This perfect example of how wet mascara + blinking = raccoon eyes.

    7. Ditto for wet eyeliner.

    8. Or this person who just can't eyeliner.

    9. This person who raises a valid point about the cat eye.

    10. And this realist who just doesn't give AF.

    11. This person who prefers a hands-off policy.

    12. And this valid example of how sometimes makeup can be a bit much.

    13. This perfect diagram of how sometimes you just can't win 'em all.

    14. This person who outlined their ideal "MAC."

    15. This explanation of how tough it is to get those ~brows on fleek~.

    16. And this perfect explanation of how sometimes your own body can betray you.

    17. But even when the struggle is real, sometimes you've just gotta own it.