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    15 Hair Accessories Every '90s Kid Will Remember

    Zigzag part on point = life on point.

    1. This brilliant contraption aka the Hairagami.

    2. These marble hair ties that totally killed if they snapped off and hit you in the head.

    3. This leather hair tie with accompanying ~stick~ that was always tricky AF to maneuver.

    4. These plastic hair ties that doubled as ~chic~ bracelets.

    5. This circle headband that made you look like a crowned princess.

    6. This braiding machine that was the total devil if you got your hair caught in it.

    But it gave you those ~fire~ twisty braids when you were done.

    7. SCRUNCHIES. All of the scrunchies.

    8. This banana clip that gave you a top-notch ponytail in seconds.

    9. Or these jaw clips that held everything together like a champ.

    10. This "Part Pizazz" that made your part be literally on point.

    11. These butterfly clips that even Britney approved of.

    12. This headband handkerchief for when tying a handkerchief proved to be too much.

    13. This Topsy Tail hair ponytail-inverter and fun-maker.

    14. These hair wraps that were nearly impossible to unravel.

    And this hair crimper for those strategically placed waves.

    15. These snap barrettes that you needed to push down into your scalp to close.

    But at least you know you looked awesome.