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    11 Ridiculously Helpful Ways To Make Getting Up In The Morning Suck Less

    Waking up is hard to do.

    Fake a sunrise in your bedroom for those especially dark mornings.

    Wake up to the smell of coffee already being brewed for you like you've got a damn butler.

    Go on a wild goose chase with this robotic alarm clock first thing in the morning.

    Wake up by practicing your target skills.

    Download this app that charges you $1 every time you hit "snooze".

    Try SleepCycle, which calculates the best time to wake you up based on when you're sleeping the lightest.

    Create a ~fire~ playlist to wake up to.

    Get up at the same time on the weekends that you do during the week.

    If you need to start getting up earlier than usual, do it gradually.

    Keep an insulated bottle full of ice-cold water on your nightstand.

    Leave yourself a reward for getting up early.

    Rise and shine!