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    What It's Like Shopping For Women's Sports Apparel

    What do we want? Team apparel! How do we want it? In team colors and in our size!

    Fact: Women make up an average of 40% of fan bases for the four major leagues.

    But you wouldn't really know that walking into most sports apparel stores ...

    There's that moment when you walk into a team store and hear, "Are you looking for something for your boyfriend?"

    When you're finally allowed to browse in peace, you'll notice sports apparel for women often looks like this...

    ...or this.

    There are plenty of pink options, of course.

    Although there have been some drastic improvements in cuts for women in recent years...

    ...It usually seems like anything that's not pink was cut for rectangular humans.

    If rectangular's not your thing, you better be ready to show some skin.

    This look would go great with a Lombardi!

    You'll definitely be able to meet your sexy MLB logo needs.

    And in case you need to be held accountable for seven months of singleness:

    In the event that you want to subject yourself to affection from strangers:

    Of course, you could always go this route:

    It's a bit easier for women who look like this to find flattering apparel.

    Plus-size fans of the Dallas Cowboys, believed to be the most popular team in the NFL, are offered only four options.

    One more thing: In Sochi, the USA Women's Hockey team finished with a silver medal. The men's team lost the bronze medal game. Despite this, jersey-style T-shirts representing the female players are nowhere to be found.

    In conclusion, the above is what they're trying to sell me, and this is what I'm actually wearing.