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This Is What It's Like To Go To The NFL Draft

Put it on your bucket list.

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Some sites offer free tickets for seat filling, the equivalent of playing musical chairs while ticket holders take bathroom breaks. The minor annoyance of moving seats hardly outweighs how awesome it is to get a free ticket to a huge event.

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Fortunately, I was able to snag one of these coveted tickets for this year's NFL draft.


You'll arrive an hour and a half to two hours before the draft begins, and you'll already find fans lined up in their best outdated jerseys. After taking your place behind three Brady Quinns, you'll start to realize the fundamental flaw in this event.

The NFL draft is probably the only event (except maybe the Pro Bowl) where each team's fan base is represented — an hour and a half is a long time to be surrounded by your enemies.


After you get settled and take approximately 25 photos of the spectacle, you will wait. The NFL draft, whether viewed at home or in person, is largely comprised of waiting.

The process of watching your favorite player get picked by the team just ahead of yours is very much the same in person as it is from your couch — infuriating.

And then before your team's next pick, producers will begin searching through the audience for fans of your team to appear on camera. Oh my god, you're going to be on TV. Look excited!


After all that excitement, give yourself an opportunity to walk off the adrenaline and explore the rest of the event.


The security dudes are pretty chill. This will probably be your only opportunity to take a selfie with a Lombardi. Don't pass it up.


The draft will come to a close after about four hours, nearly six hours after you first stood in line behind those fans of that damn rival team.

And your evening of watching young men achieve a goal they've worked their entire lives to reach will have come to an end. Until next year, when you'll probably go back to watching at home.