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The 14 Stages Of Stress Leading Up To The Big Game

Clear eyes, full hearts, oh my god I lose my goddamn mind if they lose.

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1. One week before the biggest game of the season (thus far), you'll begin fervently reading about what to expect from the other team.


You are suddenly an expert on a team you haven't cared about all season. Good. A warrior is always prepared.

2. Three days before the game, you begin wearing only team color and gear.


6. The night before the game, you feel totally convinced you're gonna win it this time. No more little mistakes. The other team is just not quite as elite as they claim.

7. Two hours after you've become fully convicted of your team's ability to win, you have a change of heart: They're gonna lose. They're gonna make little mistakes. The other team is just too good.

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