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    A 2014 Shopping Guide To Men's Short Shorts

    Stay cool, fit in, look good as hell.

    Summer is comin' and even the Wall Street Journal has noticed that below-the-knee shorts for men are outdated. It's the summer of short shorts, and we could not be any more glad.

    If you're not sure where to find your own pair of slammin' short shorts, let us help. Here are 20 of our faves:

    1. CPO Ruebin Short– $44 at Urban Outfitters

    2. J. Crew's Stanton Short ($64) comes in a 5" inseam and a bunch of great colors.

    3. They also come in a 7" inseam, for the more modest kind of man.

    4. Gap's neutral-colored flat front shorts ($39.95) have an 8" inseam. Totally harmless.

    5. Uniqlo's Chino Shorts ($19.90) can be rolled and cuffed and are probably the best bang for your buck.

    6. And they come in approximately 1,000 different colors.

    7. Old Navy's Rolled-Cuff Twill Shorts ($19.94) are inexpensive and cuff-able (flaunt at your own discretion).

    8. American Eagle's 8" Prep Shorts ($39.95) are also adjustable in length and appear to come with a contrasting belt.

    9. If you're gonna buy a pair of "Prep Shorts," they might as well be white.

    10. I can't really recommend pleat front shorts in good conscience, but Land End's ($44) are pretty short (6") and look a bit less casual than their cuffed counterparts.

    11. Black, in case you're having a Summer Of Bummer.

    12. We think Cotton On's Andy Short ($29.95) looks best in Khaki.

    13. Their Hoff Short ($19.95) appears to be denim but boasts a drawstring. And the cool print, but that speaks for itself.

    14. Let us present the preeminent collection of short shorts for men: Chubbies. At the end of last summer, BuzzFeed covered the collection and their 5 1/2" inseams.

    15. American Apparel, of course, has a ridiculous offering of short shorts for men. Here's the Relaxed Short ($60) in Mossy Green.

    16. Their Chambray Welt Pocket Short ($25! On sale!) are pretty much the standard ideal for men's shorts.

    17. There are a lot of options, so be sure to take advantage of their on-demand Shorts Experts.

    18. Club Monaco's Maddox Short ($59.50), flies high with a 6 1/2" inseam.

    19. Their Baxter Short ($69.50) is available in a few different cool-but-wearable patterns.

    20. Of course, you can create your own short shorts by hackin' away at your least valuabled pair of denim pants.

    And if for whatever reason you need a tutorials to make cut-offs, we recommend this really weird one:

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