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    Rob Gronkowski And David Ortiz Ride A Tandem Bike In A Dunkin Donuts Music Video

    This is peak Boston.

    Today in Extremely Boston news: Dunkin Donuts has released a music video for a song about iced coffee that stars Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski and Red Sox slugger David Ortiz.

    Called "Sippin," the song is about drinking iced coffee during the summer.

    Gronk and Big Papi get pumped for summer by drinking iced coffee while riding a tandem training bike in the backyard of someone's mansion.

    Then Gronk lobs a water balloon at Big Papi, who smashes it off a balcony.

    According to Dunkin's summer-specific Tumblr page, "Sippin" is the first in a four-part series from Gronk and Big Papi. Note the cowboy hats.


    This is truly the strangest — and most sugary, over-caffeinated — buddy-cop pairing.

    Watch the whole video here:

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