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Retired Players Are Suing The NFL For Giving Them Painkillers To Treat Broken Bones

In a lawsuit filed Tuesday, players claim they were not told about their own broken legs and ankles and were given anti-inflammatories instead.

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A new class-action lawsuit filed Tuesday in San Francisco alleges players were given prescription drugs, obtained illegally, instead of receiving actual medical care for their injuries, according to a report by the Associated Press.

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell (above)

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said: "We have not seen the lawsuit and our attorneys have not had an opportunity to review it." The Associated Press reviewed the lawsuit before it was filed in U.S. District Court in San Francisco.

Players allege the NFL's administration of drugs caused them to become addicted to narcotics and painkillers.

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Eight players are named in the report, with 400 other former players joining them.

J.D. Hill, a retired wide receiver (pictured above), says his prescription drug addiction, caused by the NFL's practices, led to him becoming homeless after his career.

The lawsuit "seeks an injunction creating an NFL-funded testing and monitoring program to help prevent addiction and injuries and disabilities related to the use of painkillers."

Former NFL quarterback Jim McMahon is named in the suit, and claims team doctors never informed him of a broken neck.

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Instead, he alleges that he was given prescription drugs and continued to play. McMahon also became addicted to painkillers, at one point taking more than 100 Percocet pills per month, even in the offseason, the lawsuit says.

Team-employed doctors and trainers illegally administered the drugs, the lawsuit alleges, because they didn't get prescriptions, keep records, or explain side effects.

Six of the eight players named in the lawsuit were also named in the case that claimed the league covered up the risks of concussions. The NFL settled for $765 million, though players did not receive compensation for damages incurred.


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