NFL Hashtag Completely Backfires On NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

    The NFL encouraged its fans to ask Commissioner Goodell questions using the hashtag #AskCommish. And things quickly got out of hand.

    The NFL decided to let fans ask Commissioner Goodell some questions about the NFL draft, which takes place this weekend.

    .@nflcommish is taking over @nfl on Tuesday (1:30pm ET)! He's ready to talk #NFLDraft with YOU! #AskCommish

    Goodell was pumped.

    However, it quickly became evident that Twitter users had a lot to say about the commissioner's handling of the league beyond the draft.

    Have the anonymous industry good ole boys decided the NFL can handle out gay players yet? Asking for a friend. #AskCommish

    Riley Cooper promised to fight every nigger in here yet I'm still waiting. Who do I speak to about this? #AskCommish

    Any comment on Darren Sharper or the high number of sexual assault charges against NFL players? #AskCommish

    Are you aware that the starting Quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers is a rapist? #AskCommish

    Would you call a Native American a Redskin to his face? #AskCommish

    Would you fine a player if it was found he was behind a massive effort to cover up traumatic brain injuries? #AskCommish

    Even Nevada Senator Harry Reid took the opportunity to question the commissioner.

    Commissioner Goodell, do you believe you have the authority to act against racism in the NFL like Mr. Silver did in the NBA? #AskCommish

    And things got a bit personal.

    #AskCommish do you try not to think about the blood on your hands or do you just stuff money into the hole where your soul used to be

    #AskCommish Any plan of punishment for Jim Irsay or does his money mean that much to you?

    .@nfl @nflcommish Who is the most racist owner in the NFL? Is it Jerry Jones? It's gotta be Jones. #AskCommish #NFLDraft

    On a scale of 1 to infinity, how much do you enjoy the fact that working class fans have been priced out of attending games? #AskCommish

    Some questions were slightly more on topic.

    #AskCommish do we still need blackouts for games?

    #AskCommish Do you think Joe Flacco is elite?

    #AskCommish is there a possibility for new teams anytime soon?

    #AskCommish If someone got in trouble in Philadelphia, and later moved to live with his aunt and uncle, could he still play in the NFL?

    But most were super random.

    #AskCommish Is a hot dog a sandwich?

    When is the McRib coming back? #AskCommish

    #AskCommish do you think the movie did an adequate job of conveying the emotions related to Dumbledore's funeral?

    The commissioner was understandably careful with his choices.

    "@ThomasMejia79: When you were a kid, who has your favorite football player? #AskCommish" Johnny Unitas

    "@RealSlimGrady93: Would you rather fight 1 horse-sized duck OR 100 duck-sized horses? #askcommish" I'm going to have to duck that question

    “@Sportsfeeder1 I'm going to storify all Qs you don't answer. French or Italian dressing? #askcommish!” Balsamic Vinaigrette

    "@JamieSigsbury how do u feel about booing at the draft #AskCommish” Pete Rozelle taught me long ago fans don’t cheer for commissioners

    “@dan_Selph: Did you see the new Captain America movie?” No. I went to @DraftDayMovie

    Though he did let on that he was seeing the serious questions.

    “@JerryVerHaagh can I be commish for a day?” From seeing some of these #AskCommish tweets, you sure you want to??

    At least someone asked the real question we were all thinking...

    #AskCommish why did you think this was a going to be a good idea?