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    NFL Concussion Settlement Grants Unrestricted Compensation For Players Suffering Brain Injuries

    All retired players who develop neurocognative disorders will receive medical benefits and financial compensation.

    On Wednesday, the NFL reached a settlement in the ongoing class-action lawsuit by retired players who have suffered from brain injuries as a result of their time in the league.

    Today's agreement will grant immediate assistance for players who have developed, or believe they may develop, a cognitive injury.

    The NFL will also provide $10 million for the costs of education about concussion prevention.

    Today's agreement reaffirms the NFL's commitment to provide help to those retired players and their families who are in need, and to do so without the delay, expense and emotional cost associated with protracted litigation. We are eager to move forward with the process of court approval and implementation of the settlement

    Evidence of a correlation between taking hard hits in the NFL and the development of CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) has accumulated in recent years.