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16 Hella Rad Skateboarding Dogs

Toilet paper ain't the only thing these pups wanna shred.

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1. Here's Tillman. He's pretty much a pro.

2. This guy is cool with letting you do the work.

3. Rainy days turn Rad Pug into Sad Pug.

4. And this guy can't even reach the ground!

5. Jiff makes it work, but he refuses to push mongo.

Macey J. Foronda / BuzzFeed

6. Twig is that cool skater dude your mom warned you about.

7. This guy is just gettin' the hang of this balance thing.

8. But this hot dog has it all figured out.

9. So does Beefy.

10. Morris is a bit nervous.

11. This guy is also named Morris! Think they skate together?

12. This dude gets rad by himself.

14. "YOLO" -this Sheltie.

15. "Uh-oh." -This dude.

16. Hurley knows it just takes a bit of luck.
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