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Baseball Is The Absolute Best Sport For Anxious Fans

It's so much more fun to bite your nails over RBIs than an existential crisis.

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We all know the horror of watching your closing pitcher blow a lead. But for the overall anxious among us, baseball provides invaluable respite.


2. Each game is roughly three hours long.

So over the course of a season, you invest an unspeakable amount of time and nervous energy into baseball that might otherwise be pent up in anxiety.

Hey @Deadspin look what my friend's son wrote in church today.

Zack Hutchins@Z_Hutch

Hey @Deadspin look what my friend's son wrote in church today.

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5. However, something exciting could happen at any moment, which helps keeps your focus on the game and not on external stressors.

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8. Nostalgia, considered a reprieve from emotional distress, goes hand in hand with baseball.

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Much has been written about the traditional and ritualistic nature of the game. Richard Skolnik says "Baseball memories are said to be memories of America's youth, and to represent rich receptacles of traditions and values as meaningful as the greater socio-cultural context in which the game is played."