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    7 Insanely Cool Halloween Treats That You Can Actually Make

    Mummies and pumpkins and monsters, oh my!

    There's only one reason to get excited for Halloween (other than your perfect Harry Potter costume), and that is SUGAR.

    Yes, fun-size Snickers are FUN. But sometimes — like Halloween — you want sweet PARTY TRICKS. So we invented seven spooky treats that are both super-cute and super-tasty. Because let's be honest, who really wants to stick their hand in a bowl of peeled grape "eyeballs" or eat spaghetti "brains"?

    Here are seven easy, super-fun Halloween treats that literally anyone can make. (Even your kid, if you have one.)

    1. Dip Nutter Butters in candy melts for an insanely cute three-ingredient dessert.

    Here's what you'll need to make the mummies.

    Dip the Nutter Butters in the melted candy melts, then top with two candy eyes for ~instant personality~.

    2. Frost a brownie with an easy chocolate glaze and then decorate with white icing to make a spiderweb.

    Here's what you'll need to make the brownie look like a spiderweb.

    Microwave the chocolate chips and cream for about 1 minute, then whisk until you have a ~smooth and glossy glaze~. Then, spread that over the top of the brownie.

    To make the white icing, whisk the powdered sugar and 1/4 cup of the heavy cream. Scrape this into a zip-top bag and twist it to make a little bundle.

    Next, cut a tiny hole in the tip of the bag. Make a spiral design starting in the middle of the brownie and going all the way to the edge. Then, drag a toothpick from the center of the spiral to the outside it look like a spiderweb. BOOM. Magic.

    3. Frost sugar cookies with green frosting and top with candy eyeballs to make Monster Sugar Cookies.

    Tint white frosting to your favorite shade of green and then spread it on the sugar cookies. Top with candy eyeballs!

    4. Transform a chocolate–cream cheese dip into a graveyard scene with Oreo "dirt" and Milano cookie "gravestones."

    Here's what you'll need to make the dip.

    To make the dip, melt the chocolate and then mix it with the cream cheese and powdered sugar (plus a pinch of salt and some vanilla, if you want).

    Smooth the dip in a bowl and then top it with crushed Oreos to make the dirt. Then, write on the Milanos with black frosting to make the gravestones. Sink them into the dip and scatter candy corn pumpkins and gummy worms all around.

    5. Make a batch of orange-tinted Rice Krispie Treats and shape them into pumpkins.

    Here's what you'll need to make the pumpkins.

    Stir Rice Krispies into melted marshmallows that you've tinted orange with food coloring. Then, mold them into pumpkins and stick a small piece of green Twizzler in the top to make a stem.

    6. Frost a cake with yellow, orange, and white frosting to make it look like candy corn.

    Here's what you'll need to make the cake.

    Tint one bowl of the frosting yellow and one orange with the food coloring, until they look like the colors of the candy corn. If you want to get it exact, use a real live candy corn to gauge the colors.

    Start by frosting the bottom layer yellow. Then, put the second layer on top and frost it white, but leave the sides bare so that you can frost it orange.

    Then, decorate the top with as many candy corns as your heart desires. We did a simple border, but you could cover the entire top or just leave it plain.

    7. Make little no-bake cookie tombstones with melted chocolate, peanut butter, and oats.

    Here's what you'll need to make the tombstones.

    Melt the chocolate chips and then mix with the oats, cocoa powder, and peanut butter. Make tombstone shapes and then write on them with the white frosting.

    Have a BOO-tiful Halloween!

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