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15 Delicious BYOB Restaurants In NYC

Save your money for the important things, like more alcohol.

Going out to eat in New York is delicious and fun, but paying restaurant prices for booze can make dinner ~way too expensive~.

Fortunately, there are some places that will still let you BYOB, aka swing by the bodega for beer to bring to dinner, aka the actual answer to all of our prayers.

So I asked BuzzFeed's NYC editors where they BYOB in the city to save money. Here's where to go so you can have your drinks with a side of food — all without breaking your budget. Enjoy!

1. El Kucho for Mexican food

Where: 141 Wilson Ave., Bushwick, Brooklyn

"Soooooo good." —Taylor Miller

2. Lucali for pizza

Where: 575 Henry St., Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn

—Sarah Kobos

3. Spicy Village for Chinese food

Where: 68B Forsyth St., Chinatown, Manhattan

"Get the big tray chicken." —Matthew Zeitlin

4. Black Iris for Middle Eastern food

Where: 228 Dekalb Ave., Fort Greene, Brooklyn

"Great Middle Eastern cuisine." —Gregory Addison and James Harness

5. Tartine for French food

Where: 253 West 11th St., West Village, Manhattan

—Liz Wasden

6. Cherin for sushi

Where: 306 East 6th St., Manhattan

"They have a dinner special where you can get three rolls for $4 each. It gets way crowded on weekends, so go early." —Annie Daly

7. Desi Grill for Indian food

Where: 46 Wyckoff Ave., Bushwick, Brooklyn

—Sarah Kobos

8. Kuma Inn for Thai, Filipino, and Southeast Asian food

Where: 113 Ludlow St., 2nd Floor, Lower East Side, Manhattan (Note: There's a $5 corkage fee.)

—Maggie Schultz and Christine Byrne

9. The Islands for Jamaican food

Where: 803 Washington Ave., Crown Heights, Brooklyn

"It's really cozy in there, and they also have delicious curries and jerk." —Annie Daly

10. Great NY Noodletown for Cantonese food

Where: 28 Bowery St., Chinatown, Manhattan

"Pretty standard cheap Cantonese food, but it's super laid-back and fun!" —Caroline Kee

11. Maison Kayser for French food

Where: Multiple locations, but the one in the Flatiron District, at 921 Broadway, is next to a great wine store with reasonable prices.

"Drink with your brunch, dinner, or éclairs at this French restaurant." —Lindsay Hunt

12. Queens Comfort for comfort food

Where: 4009 30th Ave., Astoria, Queens

"Expect a line, but this is one of the most fun, outrageous brunches I've been to in New York — and it's BYOB for dinner, too! Get the breakfast burrito (it has tater tots inside) or one of their homemade doughnuts, and enjoy the DJ and '80s and '90s memorabilia decor." —Megan Paolone

13. Panna II for Indian food

Where: 93 First Ave., East Village, Manhattan

"It's a staple. Indian food under a ceiling of Christmas lights, plus BYOB. Can't go wrong." —Rosalind Adams

14. Bellini for Italian food

Where: 483 Columbus Ave., Upper West Side, Manhattan

—Annie Daly

15. Los Hermanos for Mexican food

Where: 271 Starr St., Bushwick, Brooklyn

—Sarah Kobos

Have a favorite that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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