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17 Delicious Ice Creams That You Can Make At Home

Churn, baby, churn.

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Homemade ice cream RULES — it's extra creamy, you can make literally any flavor you want, and it's fun.

OH YEAH — and you can put double the good stuff in. No more searching around for the best bite of cookies or fudge swirl.

Of course, you could dig into a pint of Ben & Jerry's, but DIYing your own ice cream is much easier than you think and doesn't *necessarily* mean you've gotta buy special equipment or make a complicated custard base.

You can always use an ice cream maker, but you can also make a no-churn ice cream using just a whisk or a hand beater. Or you can use a food processor to turn frozen fruit into a soft-serve-style treat. (Trust me, it's actually really delicious.)


4. Naturally Sweet Chocolate-Banana Ice Cream

So, this isn't technically ice cream. It's made from bananas, cacao, and chopped chocolate, and yet it TASTES like ice cream! Win-win. The food processor gives the frozen bananas a smooth and ice cream–like consistency. Get the recipe here.


7. Circus Animal Cookie Ice Cream

Here's the kid-friendly upgrade to cookies 'n' cream. This recipe uses an ice cream maker, but you don't have to make a custard with eggs — just mix everything but the cookies together and then process in your machine. Get the recipe here.