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    21 Unbelievably Delicious Things You Can Do To Cookie Dough

    Living that cookie dough life.

    1. You can stuff cookie dough into a cupcake and then top it with cookie dough frosting.

    2. You can frost your chocolate chip cookies with chocolate chip cookie dough.

    3. IDK, why not just put a chunk of dough inside an Oreo. And THEN coat it in chocolate?

    4. Make an ice cream sandwich out of cookie dough ice cream and cookie dough.

    5. Top cookie dough with a layer of Oreos AND a layer of brownie batter.

    6. You can even put cookie dough inside a brownie and cover the brownie in chocolate.

    7. Blend gluten-free dough into a milkshake.

    8. Layer cookie dough with caramel, chocolate, and pretzels.

    9. Stir some cream cheese into dough and call it dip.

    10. It's time to smoosh two chocolate chip cookies together with a fat layer of chocolate chip frosting in the center.

    11. Top cheesecake bars with a layer of cookie dough.

    12. If you're into football, shape no-bake cookie dough into mini footballs. And cover them in chocolate.

    13. Or shape it into one really big football.

    14. Fill an Oreo pie crust with cookie dough and then drizzle the whole thing with chocolate.

    15. Make a three-layer chocolate chip cookie dough cake.

    16. Fill cannoli shells with cookie dough.

    17. Stuff a classic frosted cake with a layer of cookie dough.

    18. Oooh fancy: cookie dough inside and on top of cheesecake.

    19. Layer cookie dough beneath gooey blondie bars.

    20. Turn it into fudge.

    21. Top it with ganache.