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Anthony Bourdain Made An Adorable Pancake Bar For His Daughter's Slumber Party

And now you'll want to make one, too.

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Anthony Bourdain is many things: chef, author, TV star, and silver fox.

He is also an amazing dad. Here's the adorable pancake bar he made for his daughter's sleepover.

Satisfied clients of "Dada's Bespoke Pancake Bar" #SlumberParty

Check out the badass griddle he has set up for easy batch cooking.

Note that Tony's got all of his ingredients ready to go before he starts cooking: His banana chopped, his bacon crisped, and his butter portioned.

My morning after #SlumberParty mis en place ready for the kids # PancakeBar

He knows that prepping ingredients ahead of time ("mise en place" — chef speak for "everything in its place") means no stress during cooking.

While we're patiently waiting for an invite to the next "bespoke pancake bar" chez Anthony, here are a few more tips for your own pancake bar or pancake party.


1. First step — use a proven recipe and don't overmix when you're combining ingredients.

Ashley Rodriguez / Via

Here's a killer recipe for buttermilk pancakes if you want stacks from scratch. The secret to this recipe is that when you add the dry ingredients to the wet, you only need to mix JUST UNTIL they're combined, don't whisk and whisk and whisk or you take away the fluffiness.

Before you start making your batter, quickly test your baking soda or baking powder. Add 1/4 teaspoon of baking powder or soda to 1/2 cup of hot tap water. If you're testing soda, also add 1/2 teaspoon of vinegar. If you see fizzing you're good to go. If not, buy a new box.

3. Squeeze bottles make it easy to draw shaped pancakes with your batter.

Any shape will do this. Pancake art isn't that hard to do as long as it's something you can draw, like a flower or Mickey Mouse. More details on how to make shapes here.


7. If you're adding fillings, let a base layer cook on the griddle, then add the ingredients, then top with a LITTLE more batter.

John Gara / Via BuzzFeed

Otherwise your filling ingredients will sink to the bottom of the pancakes and stick to the pan, making it harder to flip and cook. That way, you can even use something like Nutella as a "topping" (or rather, as a filling). Or, get crazy and make these S'Mores pancakes with chocolate chips and fluff in the middle.

8. Obviously you have to warm your maple syrup.

This is a given if you're diehard for Vermont maple syrup or an Aunt Jemima's fanatic. Drowning a steaming stack of pancakes in cold syrup is a shame.


9. Include other toppings like caramel sauce, strawberry jam, and peanut butter all work well. Obviously, you should include Nutella.