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11 Thoughts You Have When Going To The Bathroom On A Night Out, As Told By New Girl

Because drunken thoughts, are universal thoughts.

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1. Why is the line always so freakin' long?

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It's like every person in this club decided to go the the toilet at the exact same time as you, and you're not here for it.

2. But honestly, you're pretty drunk, so you don't really care.

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You don't know if it's those five tequila shots you just downed or those pre-game drinks, but you are blissfully happy just lounging against the wall of the bathroom, waiting to go.

3. Especially because everyone there is so nice.

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Somehow, there's nothing that says bonding quite like queuing in the club bathroom.

4. No but seriously, friendships are being made here.

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If only everyone was as nice in real-life as they were in the club bathroom, the world would be such a peaceful place.

5. The toilets though, are DISGUSTING.

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Seriously what do people do in there?

6. And as you sit down you realize you are MUCH DRUNKER than you initially thought you were.

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Your brain isn't exactly making a lot of sense right now.

7. Which is when the bathroom starts to spin.

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But it's not neccesarily a bad kind of spinning.

8. Marking the moment when you start to contemplate your life's decisions.


Say welcome to the most random thoughts EVER.

9. You think about how you should definetley go out for drinks more often.

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Sober you has nothing to say about this matter.

10. When you hear your song coming on.

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This always happends when you are on the toilet.

11. So you hurry out to grace the dancefloor with your awesome presence.

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Go bust those moves!

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