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6 QUICK Tips And Mantra About Bubbles & Meditative Soothing

A bubble. What is it? A thin, circular sphere of liquid of trapped air, or of gas. But, there's more to bubbles. Is it a prop, a visual image that floats within a person mind.

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#1 Golden Rays Erupt Thoughts

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Power of the mind is golden. I need to understand that everything necessary, everything serves a purpose. To cling to a thought, hold it for a length of time. Focus on its feeling, it is emotive.

#2 Thresholds of Life

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The faintest inkling of loss of self-control comes through distraction. This type of distraction disrupts my concentration. I must calm the noise inside outside my mind. Breathe deeply, calmly. Withdraw me from the distraction...Bubbles...I see floating, softly, clarity comes in the sheerness of visual image of mind, of thoughts.

#3 Withdrawal of Attachments

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Attachments are thoughts, or things blurring the flexibility or power of my mind. When I am preoccupied with these thoughts or things, my attention is withdrawn from the stimuli which lose awareness. I am limited in my ability to render a perfect state of mind. These bubbles of thoughts, allowing them to pass away on their own accord.

#4 Free Flow of Thoughts

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I imagine myself, big sphere holding so many thoughts, racing, moving, and disappear. Unable to hold fast to one. The one I need to write. I, a visual image spinning, floating in the air. Watching my thoughts, materialize into conscious state or form. I find the calm, I release the white of bubble.

#5 Identity of Self

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The concept of identity is "Who am I?" The experiences of life seem to shape us, change us. "What are my beliefs, what am I?" True-self is the "I thoughts." I am not identified with somebody else, or anything else. I am of my own conscious thinking. I am aware of my own likes and dislikes. This is of my own choosing. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Just as a bubble has its own shape. I am motivated by my own mental thought and it runs me. Thus I interpret, reality, and logic of being.

#6 Awareness of Surroundings

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In the sense of loving "Whom I am!" as a true-self. I am aware of the people, person, or things, thoughts that help me to fall. I have a heightened sensitivity to negative experiences. I view the world in bubbles of emotive expression. One with kindness, the compassion of things or events I cannot control.


Digital Artist - Linda J. Wolff / Via

The more I learn and accept myself of the abilities I am capable of implementing or inabilities of which I cannot. I am a woman, capable of love, learning, of sensitivity, and compassion for pain, the hardship of the world. I am a woman, who understands the struggles of life and accept each one a lesson in improving my own true-self.

Experiences of Insight, Meditation

Definition of meditate

meditated; meditating

intransitive verb


: to engage in contemplation or reflection He meditated long and hard before announcing his decision.


: to engage in mental exercise (such as concentration on one's breathing or repetition of a mantra) for the purpose of reaching a heightened level of spiritual awareness

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