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    21 Types Of Romance Novels You Have To See To Believe

    Because there's so much more to love than vampires and kinky businessmen.

    1. NASCAR

    2. Cavemen

    Other important titles: Prehistoric Pounding, Held Captive By The Cavemen, Island of the Cavemen: The Mating Ritual

    *Disclaimer: Most of these are just going to be (self-published) erotica and novellas, but they're still totally readable and hot.

    3. Orcs

    4. Mermaids

    5. Interspecies hybrids

    6. Gargoyles

    7. Pirates

    8. Centaurs

    ...and more centaurs

    9. Demons/Death Incarnate

    10. Medical

    11. Amish

    ...lots of Amish

    12. Vikings

    13. (E-)Mail-Order Brides

    14. Christmas

    15. XXXMas

    16. Motorcycle Club

    17. Culinary

    18. Single Dads

    19. Ghosts

    20. Aliens

    21. Knitting clubs

    And then, of course, there's always Chuck Tingle...

    Read about his daring, genre-bending work here and here.