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21 Tiny And Terrible Confessions From Your Pets

"I actually believe that I own everything I pee on."

Illustrator Christopher Rozzi started his Tiny Confessions series in 2011 as a way to combine comedy with art.

1. The Space Case

2. The Saboteur

3. The Diva

4. The DJ

5. The Homewrecker

6. The Slob

7. The Indiscriminate

8. The Dreamer

9. The Foot-In-Mouth

10. The Psychoanalyst

11. The Conquistador

12. The Free Spirit

13. The Enemy

14. The Mulan

15. The Hater

16. The Misunderstood

17. The Big Ego

18. The Addict

19. The Resting Bull Face

20. The Rubber

21. The Loyalist

For more of Rozzi's work, check out Tiny Confessions on Etsy.

The prints have also been compiled in a book, and will be coming out as a calendar in 2016.

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