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    Posted on Jan 19, 2017

    19 Noodle Dishes That Prove Noodles Are The Ultimate Comfort Food

    I know the winter is getting harsh. Going out sucks so much during sub-zero temperature. Can we just stay indoors, watch Netflix and slurp on these noodles?

    1. Homemade Pho Ga

    beyondsweetandsavory / Via

    If this bowl of noodle doesn’t give you warmth instantly, you are clearly either dead already or not human. Period. End of discussion. (Recipe)

    2. Vegetarian Manchurian with Stir Fried Noodle

    boxofspice / Via

    Slather that sauce bathing vegetarian meatballs on that bowl of noodle, and slurp. Instantly, you will agree the world is a safer place. (Recipe)

    3. Fresh Pappardelle with Beef and Mushroom

    cloudykitchen / Via

    Ok...I don’t believe you if you are not drooling just by looking at this noodle. (Recipe)

    4. Indonesian Shrimp Gravy Boiled Noodle (Mie Rebus/ E-Mie)

    piquecooking / Via

    This bowl is gorgeous right? Ok..brace yourself for the rest. We are just only starting on this noodle adventure. (Recipe)

    5. Malaysian Laksa with Pumpkin (Spicy Noodle Soup)

    vermillionroots / Via

    Can you really call yourself a noodle lover if you don’t know what Laksa is? (Recipe)

    6. Chestnut Tortellini in Sage Cream Sauce

    ashcuoco / Via

    Ok...let’s level up our noodle game now. CHESTNUT TORTELLINI in SAGE CREAM SAUCE = INSTANT FALL-IN-LOVE POTION. (Recipe)

    7. Vegetarian tteokbokki

    husbandsthatcook / Via

    Look at that gleaming ruby-redness of carbohydrates. Close your mouth. Stop salivating because we have more coming up. (Recipe)

    8. Shrimp Scampi with Tagliatelle

    Regan Baroni / Photography by Regan Baroni / Via

    Don’t you just want to swim among those shrimps and noodles? (Recipe)

    9. Juniper Berry and Barley Noodle with Creamy Chanterelles

    northwildkitchen / Via

    You want exotic and fancy. I give you drool-worthy exotic and fancy, hailing all the way from Norway. (Recipe)

    10. Jjajangmyun - Korean black bean noodle

    thekoreanvegan / Via

    Excerpt below summarizes this dish. "This is the dish you eat when your boyfriend has just cheated on you, when your mom is giving you crap about your grades, when you’re feeling so fat the only rational thing to do is to eat something extremely delicious (and full of fat)" (Recipe)

    11. Duck Noodle Soup

    Lindsaysfeast / Via

    You can feel sunshine in the midst of winter just by looking at this colorful bowl. Damn, now I am hungry, trying to convince you to be hungry. (Recipe)

    12. Fettuccine Noodle with Avocado Pesto Cream Sauce

    LyndseyEden / Via

    How’s our noodle porn selection doing? Feel hungry for more? No worries. We have a few more coming up. (Recipe)

    13. Ramen Noodles in a Lapsang Souchong Broth with Crispy Tofu

    twiggstudios / Via

    You would be insane if you think I will let you go through a noodle listicle without a ramen bowl. Look at this beauty. (Recipe)

    14. Kuchingstyle Laksa Recipe by Anthony Bourdain

    passmethedimsum / Via

    Laksa recipe created by Anthony Bourdain himself. Enough said. (Recipe)

    15. Oak-Smoked Pasta Cacio e Pepe

    Harvest & Honey / Via

    Ok adventurous folks...this one is all for you. Pasta smoked with oak. The thing is it is soooo easy to make. I am screaming. (Recipe)

    16. Shanghai Scallion Noodle

    omnivore’scookbook / Via

    Ok..I am now finding harder to concentrate. This noodle lifting is making me super weak. Need this now. (Recipe)

    17. Noodle in Burmese coconut and chickpea broth (Oh- no-khao-swe)

    limeandcilantro / Via

    Ok, I have now calmed down a bit. We only a few more posts left. But damn, this noodle bowl looks like heaven. I can see Jesus, Buddha, Allah.... (Recipe)

    18. Aceh noodles (Mie Aceh)

    whattocooktoday / Via

    Spicy noodle from Indonesia...just take my money already. (Recipe)

    19. Persian Reshteh Noodle Pasta

    Noghlemey / Via

    Lastly, let’s all find zen by looking at this pristine noodle strands. I am at peace, except that I am very hungry now. (Recipe)

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