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    10 Moments That Frustrate The Hell Out Of Every Person Living With An Invisible Illness

    Dedicated to all my fellow are not alone!

    1. That moment when you get dirty looks from everyone sitting on public transit because won't give up your seat for an elderly woman due to the fact that you can barely stand from arthritis or another invisible ailment.

    FOX / Via All Women's Talk

    2. When you cancel plans on your friends last minute because out of no where you feel like you've been hit by a tidal wave of fatigue.

    Paramount Pictures / Via Eighteen Days of Summer Tumblr

    3. When you put on makeup and everyone's like "You look amazing! You must be feeling better!" and it takes every ounce of the minimal energy you have left not to jump into a detailed explanation about how you're actually dying inside.

    NBC / Via Reaction GIFs

    4. And when you DO actually try to explain your invisible illness and are met with looks of utter confusion.

    Little Strangers Inc / Via Reviews From a Bookworm

    5. When your friends are all eating pizza and icecream but you can't eat anything that tastes good because you're trying a new diet that's supposed to help your illness.

    NBC / Via Giphy

    6. When you try to get some clarity from your doctor and for the millionth time you hear "Well, it's different for everyone."

    Universal Pictures / Via Reviews of a Bookworm

    7. Or better yet, that moment when the doctors don't believe your pain is real...

    New Line Cinema / Via Reaction GIFs

    8. When someone tries to tell you that their mother's aunt's third cousin healed their illness with a positive attitude and meditation.

    The Odyssey Online / Via The Odyssey Online

    9. When all you want to do is sleep but can't because the meds you take (*cough* predinsone) keep you up all night.

    The Odyssey Online / Via The Odyssey Online

    10. AND finally, that moment when you get home after dealing with people who don't understand what it means to live with an invisible illness ALL DAY long but you can't unwind with a glass of wine because all of the meds you take are destroying your liver.

    CBS / Via Giphy
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