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Why I Hate Ed Sheeran's New Song

How one song could forever taint my opinion of an otherwise great singer.

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Why I Hate Ed Sheeran's New Song

Since I first heard the words to “Thinking Out Loud”, I fell in love with Ed Sheeran. I fell even harder with “I Was Made For Loving You” and “Photograph”. Not to mention the duets with Taylor Swift! I loved him because instead of following the crowd with songs about sex, and physical beauty, he sang about true love and deep connections. He sang about real, unadulterated romance, and strong passionate love.

That’s why the minute I heard “Shape of You”, I was instantly irritated and turned off. The whole song is about loving a girl’s body. I thought to myself, ok, don’t judge until you see the music video. Maybe what you are hearing is just words, I thought to myself. Unfortunately, the video only confirmed what the song was really about. The imagery and symbolism was so clear, that I instantly hated Ed Sheeran.

The video, which shows Ed in the starring role, has him in peak physical shape and in love with a girl who is also visually flawless. While he’s singing about loving her body, he’s shown preparing for some great fight. At the end, he’s fighting a sumo wrestler and gets his ass kicked until his super hot, in shape girlfriend comes back basically avenge him. Here’s what ticks me off. He’s singing about being in love with her body, and fights what is representing an obese woman off of him at the end.

Why is this okay? Did Ed Sheeran sell out because he’s a part of Taylor Swift’s squad? Or is it because he can only love someone thin and in shape, instead of an average sized person? I guess we’ll never know.

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