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Most Photogenic Vegan Eats In NYC

Are you vegan? Taking a trip to NYC soon? Stuck on what to post on Instagram? Need food recommendations?!?! I'll let you in on my little secrets. Comment if you have one that we should try!!

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1. By Chloe

Mikey Pozarik / Via

This place goes without saying. Probably one of the most infamous vegan places in New York by Chef Chloe. With food looking this good, it almost doesn't matter how it tastes!! (but of course it tastes amazinnggggg). Also, the exterior of the building is the perf backdrop for you to strike some poses with your food

2. Le Botaniste

Lilian Ludford / Via

This place is one of my faves. Pictured is their vegan sushi and their detox juice. Everything here is vegan, healthy, gluten-free, and organic and it's super affordable. The counters are super cute and EVERYWHERE has good lighting. I'd recommend the counter next to the window (where this pic was shot). It's located on the Upper East side so you know it's got to be goood

3. Chickpea & Olive

@hushrube / Via

I found this gem in Brooklyn at Smorgasburg. They're allll about vegan comfort food and it's soooooo GOOOOD. MMM. If you're headed to Smorgasburg, take your food to the water and snap a pic with your #foodintheair

You can get a snap with your food AND the manhattan skyline---double whammy

4. The Cinnamon Snail

Pictured is a tofu scramble with a waffled covered in candied pecans and maple syrup. They are also known for their doughnuts and other goodiess (both savory and sweet!) Also they're cheap AF

5. Beyond Sushi


This place has the PRETTIEST sushi and reallyy good lighting so you can get in some cute 'grams. ALSO they have an amazing assortment of teas and desserts and, did I mention everything is vegan?? This isn't your typical whole-foods-avocado-vegan-sushi-roll. You're getting like actual veggies in here and its colorful and glamorous and totally affordable and really yummy and amazing

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