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    10 Times Janet From "The Good Place" Made Us All Say #Me

    0% robot. 0% girl. 100% relatable.

    "Fun fact: Janet is me!" — Janet

    1. Like when your friend drags you to a party full of strangers

    2. Or when you're asked if your day's going alright

    3. When you change up your ~look~, but no one says anything

    4. When you tell your friends that you've caught feelings

    5. When your best friend asks if they're making a bad decision

    6. When your friend asks if you like their outfit

    7. When you're dramatic and blow things out of proportion

    8. When you're fed up and dive into the drama

    9. When you remind everyone why Columbus Day sucks

    10. And finally, when you have to hype up your BFF

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