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13 People Who Should've Taken Their Friend's Advice

Sometimes, they just know what's best. And with LikeFolio, your friend's advice could lead you to some awesome investment opportunities you never knew about!

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1. "Ehh, I don't know man. That water looks a little TOO calm if you ask me."

2. "My cat doesn't really like to be held, so just be careful."

3. "Do you trust me? Do you? Fall BACK into my arms, and I will catch you."

4. "I just dropped that on the ground, so give it a second before you open it."

5. "Get ready for our hike! And make sure you wear good shoes. It's a little wet out today."

6. "I know you want your show to be 'edgy,' but are you SURE you want to go with the paper floor?"

7. "Let's wait for the store clerk to come take this down. I think they know what they're doing."

8. "I mean, that's a GREAT price for new tires, but it might be a little too good to be true."

9. "I hear you shouldn't stare at a dog straight in the eyes, so I wouldn't even try it."

10. "I know you want to impress that girl at table three, but please, let me help you."

11. "Are you SURE you want to quit your job and dedicate your life to magic?"

12. "Don't you think your daughter's a little, I don't know, young to be operating heavy machinery?

13. "The weather's looking a little iffy today. You sure you don't want to just move to the church?"