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10 Everyday Ways People Can Earn A Little Extra Money

Everyone could all use some extra dough, and some people already know what's up. See what some individuals are doing to earn a little additional cash, and with LikeFolio, help yourself make some smart investment choices.

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1. Getting paid to perform random tasks.


For people who don't mind staying busy, TaskRabbit is where it's at. People can view various errands and tasks posted by users, along with pricing, to see how much they can get paid for completing said duties.

2. Selling photos online.


Instead of a billion pictures piling up on the hard drive, people are currently selling them to stock photo agencies like Shutterstock, where they can get as much as 25 cents anytime someone downloads a photo.

3. Blogging!


No matter WHAT the subject is, blogging can certainly be beneficial. Websites like Google AdSense and BuySellAds are great tools for people to set up and sell ad space on their personal blogs to help earn some extra dough.

4. Sitting in a fake jury.


Getting paid? To judge? Yes, please. With companies like eJury, people can sign up to be a part of a "mock jury" for lawyers preparing for important cases, and get paid to do so.

7. Set up an online garage sale.

paalia / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: paalia

Remember when garage sales meant hauling everything you owned onto the dirty lawn? Lol.. that was cute. Well now, mobile app Geolist lets people post any unwanted items online, allowing people in their area to view the items. That way, there are no shipping costs, and transactions can happen in person.

8. Teaching an online course.


Knowledge is power, so why not spread it (and make a little money on the side)? With sites like Udemy, people can upload instructional videos about subjects they know and love, and get paid every time the video is downloaded.

9. Selling crafts online.


Spending a lot of time cross-stitching famous pop culture quotes doesn't need to be JUST a hobby anymore. Websites like Etsy and DaWanda give people the opportunity to turn their hobbies into a profit.

10. Renting out a spare bedroom.


What else will it be used for, anyway? People are learning quickly that Airbnb is a great and easy way to temporarily rent out an extra room to people who just need a place to crash.

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