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17 Female Friendship Truths, As Told By Quinn And Rachel From "UnREAL"

Basics, step aside. Ultimate friendship coming thru.

1. You're each other's partner in crime.

2. Seriously, your combined powers are a scary thing.

3. But maybe that's 'cause you support each other's craziest life dreams...

4. ...and still hear out the ones that are just nonsense.

5. You've seen each other cry all the cries...

6. ...drink all the drinks...

7. ...and have every kind of freakout.

8. With just two texts, you can make plans.

9. When guys act shady, you're each other's barometer for truth.

10. Your compliments are always 100% genuine. All the time. Always.

11. If she's telling a boring story, you'll still act like you're interested...

12. ...but lord help any rando who tries to interrupt it with their own thoughts.

13. The insults you have for other people? Oh, they could fill a burn unit.

14. (Some call it mean. Y'all call it honesty.)

15. The life advice you give one another is always truthful. Even when it feels ~too honest~.

16. Because through it all, your friendship is love.

17. Yeah, love.

Everyone else better watch out. Watch Season 2 of UnREAL, Mondays at 10/9c on Lifetime.

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