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13 Ways To Survive Until The #WitchesofEastEnd Finale!

Once you get past Friday the 13th, it’s full steam ahead to Sunday’s season finale!

1. Avoid any and all superstitious activity. It is #Fridaythe13th after all….

2. Have some drinks to ease the edge!

3. Try some self-motivation.

4. Try passing the time with a pleasurable activity.

5. Refrain from revealing any longtime secrets that may upset friends or family.

6. Don’t accept any random packages.

7. Stay away from any suspicious substances.

8. Pull a harmless prank.

9. No tampering with spells in an attempt to make Sunday arrive faster. Ingrid’s already shown us how badly this can turn out…

10. Have a few handsome helpers on standby in case of emergency.

11. Avoid any encounters with exes seeking revenge.

12. Definitely don’t piss off any witches.

13. And finally, just try to relax- the finale's only two days away. #WitchProblems

Happy Friday the 13th #WitchEEs! Good luck ;)