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11 Excuses We Tell Our Parents So We Can Do What We Want

If there's even a tiny bit that's true, it's technically not a lie, right?

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1. "My friend got a new car, so she's gonna take just a couple of us out for a test drive! We'll be safe."

2. "Julie's parents will be there the whole time, so you have nothing to worry about."

3. "My best friend's boyfriend just broke up with her, so we're gonna go out for a low-key dinner to cheer her up."

4. "I don't know... lay on the beach, go sightseeing. What else would we do on spring break?"

5. "I met him on a Christian dating website. He really is a sweet guy."

6. "I'm going to visit cousin Joey at his college for the weekend. He's giving me a tour of the campus..."

7. "…but don't worry, I'm staying with my friend because I know you don't trust Joey very much."

8. "It's just a school dance. I'll probably just be standing against the wall talking to my friends."

9. "It's summer! We just want to go watch the game and eat Cracker Jacks. Pleeeeease?"

10. "My BFF's having a study group tonight at her house. Mind if I go?"

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11. "It's so nice out, so we're just gonna go for a stroll around the neighborhood."

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