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  • Eastenders Dot Cannot Get Over Heathers Death

    Soap Gossip. It is not only Shirley who is struggling with the death of Heather, Dot Cotton is also struggling. Shirley receives some comfort when she watches DVD footage of the hen night and hopes the DVD will help Dot to think of the happy times that Heather had. Shirley’s plan does not work and Dot feels more heartache.

  • This Morning Presenter Casuses Problems For Show

    Philip Schofield has upset This Morning Viewers as well as Dancing On Ice fans after he shown his support for Dancing On Ice judge Jason Gardiner. According to a source at ITV it is not only the viewers who are outraged over his support for the final warning Jason Gardiner. The source have claimed that This Morning bosses are concerned over their presenter remarks and wished he kept out of it in case he upset their viewers.

  • Katie Price is at War With Peter Andre

    It was only the other week that we were told that their was all love and peace between Katie Price and Peter Andre with a friend even claiming Katie Price wanted her ex husband back, but now war has broken out. Katie Price has claimed Peter Andre is a publicity seeker after he hit out over a burn on their three-year-old daughter. According to Katie Price who announced her divorce from cage fighter Alex Reid, she is claiming that her ex husband just loves the publicity.

  • Cheryl Cole Happy With Her X Factor News

    Girls Aloud Cheryl Cole who has been a huge success on the UK X Factor has told a close friend that she feels relieved that she has finally been given the nod for the American X Factor job. The X Factor judge was worried after finding out that executives at Fox television wanted a bigger name and thought the young singer was not high profile for the role but it seems Simon Cowell has got his way again.

  • Simon Cowell is at War With ITV Over X Factor

    ITV know one of their biggest shows is The X Factor so it is no wonder when they generate millions in advertising money they want the show back on the screens this year. But is seems Simon Cowell thinks the show should take a year off as he wants to focus on the American X Factor show.

  • X Factor Dermot O Leary Turned Down for Job

    Dermot O’Leary was hoping to be the new presenter on The X Factor in America but it seems the popular presenter is no longer in the running after four American stars have been put ahead of him for the chance of the mega bucks role. That is not the only bad news for Dermot O’Leary, it seems as well as four big American names being ahead of him for the presenter’s job, Steve Jones who presents T4 is also ahead of him on the wanted list.

  • Katie Price Upset Over Telephone Calls

    Katie Price who announced that she was getting divorced from her cage fighter husband Alex Reid is not a happy bunny at the moment over the latest Peter Andre story. According to Heat magazine, her ex husband as become team Alex Reid after speaking to the cage fighter over the phone. The glamour model who has asked Peter to put the past behind them so they can be friends has reportedly told friends she is not happy that Alex and Peter are speaking behind her back.

  • Weight Loss Hypnosis and Gastric Band Operations What is the Difference

    How Can I Lose Weight is a question millions of people ask themselves each month with many of them turning to Gastric Bypass Surgeons for help. But what if these people who ask themselves How Can I Lose Weight got turned down by the NHS for the Gastric Band Operation, what could they do to lose weight and who could they turn to. Well according to research and leading Weight Loss experts, Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss or Hypno Gastric Band as it is sometimes known does achieve the same results as Gastric Bypass Operations. Gastric Bypass has become a wonderful tool for Obese People and for people who need to lose weight but at a price of £8,500 the operation has been seen as an expensive way to lose weight. Weight Loss Hypnotherapy, which has become a very well known tool in the world of losing weight, can offer the same results as Gastric Bypass, which is also known as Gastric Band Surgery.

  • Katie Price Wants Peter Andre Back

    Showbiz Gossip . Peter Andre fans and Showbiz Gossip were shocked when the dream marriage between him and Katie Price ended with fans wondering what happening with their marriage. But it seems that Katie Price who friends have said she never got over her love for her ex husband wants him back. According to reports, Katie Price has told friends that she wants to try and win Peter Andre back although I think his current girlfriend will have something to say about that.

  • Robbie Williams Joins The X Factor

    Showbiz Gossip has been told Robbie Williams is to replace Simon Cowell as head judge on The X Factor. Simon Cowell has said he will be making an announcement in two weeks over the X Factor show which he says could shock some of the X Factor fans but according to some reports as well as sources leaking stories from the X Factor camp, Robbie Williams is set to be a new judge on the talent competition.

  • Peter Andre Gets An Invite to Roayl Wedding

    Peter Andre must be celebrating at the moment after being invited to Prince William and Kate Middleton Royal Wedding. It may not be Katie Price year with her marriage to Alex Reid in tatters but it certainly seems to be Peter Andre year after he has been invited to the Royal Wedding at Westminster Abbey of Prince William and Kate Middleton. With an invite like that, I bet you Katie Price wished she were still married to the sexy singer.

  • Demi Lovato Checks Out Of Rehab

    Showbiz News. Great news for Demi Lovato fans, the Disney star has recovered from her mystery illness and has now checked out of rehab. According to reports, the Showbiz favourite is now back with her family after dropping everything to enter the rehab facility leaving the world wondering what was wrong with her.

  • Is Robbie Williams Joining The X Factor Show

    Simon Cowell has announced that The X Factor talent show needs a shake up, although he would not go into detail he did say that he will be making an announcement in two weeks time that could be shocking news. Rumours have been flying around that Sharon Osbourne could be joining the show after it emerged Louis Walsh or Dannii Minouge have not received their contract for the X Factor. But now there seems to be even bigger news and rumours have insiders are now claiming that Robbie Williams will be joining The X Factor show where he will replace Simon Cowell.

  • Chris Moyles Told To Shut UP

    Do not talk about Andy Gray or Richard Keys, Chris Moyles has been told. Bosses at Radio 1 have told Chris Moyles that he is not allowed to talk about the Sky Sport scandal. The popular breakfast show presenter who is currently supporting comedy Dave on Dancing On Ice has been told that he is not to make any mention of the Sky Sports sexism row. According to reports, bosses are worried about Chris Moyles sense of humour and do not want a flood of complaints.

  • Enrique Iglesias Is Not Going To Be A Dad

    Showbiz News . Rumours have been flying around quicker than a jumbo jet that singer Enrique Iglesias was going to be a dad, but sadly Showbiz News can report the stories are false. Over the past couple of days there have been a number of Showbiz News stories that have claimed Enrique was going to be a dad but according to his spokesman the rumours are not true.

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