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Since Life of the Party is coming out Mother's Day weekend, we played a game of Never Have I Ever with the cast and asked a few questions about college, Mother's Day, and partying with mom!

Let's meet the lovely cast, shall we?

Gillian: Well, in elementary school.
Jessie: My mom did all my homework.
Molly: I only got through some classes because of help.
Melissa: “Help.”
Gillian: A boy tried to turn me in to the teacher when I had a cheat sheet, but my handwriting was so terrible that the teacher didn’t believe that I was actually trying to cheat because no one could read it.
Melissa: Take that! Where’s that kid now?
Debby: He’s a narc.
Melissa: Today that kid’s a really successful narc.
Gillian: I bet he is.
Debby: He’s wearing a wire as we speak.

Jessie: OH YA!
Molly: Of course!
Jessie: Film teacher. Hi, Tom! He would wear really tight pants and Prada shoes.
Melissa: Have you seen him since you’ve been an adult?
Jessie: Yes, I created a scavenger hunt for my best friend for her birthday, and one of the stops was his house.
Gillian: Was he in on this, or did you surprise him?
Jessie: I called ahead and told him he was her favorite teacher. He was thrilled that alumni wanted to come visit him.
Melissa: This is also called stalking.

Melissa: Yes! Yes!
Gillian: You’re holding “Never.”
Melissa: Oh. Never did I not! But yes, I have. And by class, do you mean the inside of the bar I frequented? That’s what I refer to as "class."
Gillian: I should just sit these out. I don’t drink.
Melissa: But I drink for all of us!

Jessie: I got no kisses during college.
Melissa: I’ve only kissed in public places while drunk during college. That’s what I thought college was.
Molly [To Gillian]: You went to theater school. Wasn’t everyone kissing each other?
Gillian: Not my class. Or I didn’t know about it if they were. I did kiss one person in my class, but I don’t remember kissing him in public. In high school, I would pick scenes in theater with boys I had crushes on so I could basically force them to kiss me.

Melissa: OH! Right. Everybody? Yah, that’s what I thought.
Gillian: I mean, I’m never really invited.
Debby: Yah, it’s always crashing.

Jessie: I have.
Debby: I bet you have.
Melissa: Choreographed? No.
Debby: My friends and I had a dance to “Girls Just Want To Have Fun,” and we thought it would be cool to do it at a friend's birthday party.
Gillian: How did it go over?
Debby: Still didn’t have friends. Just me and the two [girls]. I’m glad we had each other because we had no one else.
Jessie: Well, you have us now!
Gillian: Ya! I would have done it with you.

Melissa: All the time.
Debby: Who else are you gonna drunk-dial?
Jessie: I pretty much get drunk and then think, “It’s time to call my mom.”
Debby: I think “It’s time to call my mom,” and then I drink.

Melissa: Oh yes. Recently! Not proud of that. It was just a gentle “It’s probably time to go.” And I was like, “I agree.”
Jessie: Was it at your house?
Melissa: No, it was not.
Molly: I always get told to leave because I follow around the people with the food, and they’re like, “You’ve had enough.”
Melissa: Have you ever put food in your purse?
Molly: No.
Gillian: I took bread from a restaurant recently!
Melissa: Does that also mean you stole a napkin?
Gillian: Nope! Nope! I had a bag with me already. I just dumped the bread into the bag.
Melissa: Bread tips!

Molly: All the time!
Gillian: Absolutely. You all met my mother.
Melissa: She’s fun. I’d bring your mom to a party.
Debby: You all met my mother.
Jessie: You all met my mom, too! And Molly’s mom.
Melissa: I'd bring all your moms to a party with my mom.
Jessie: Actually, I’ve met all of your moms!
Gillian: That’s true!

Gillian: OH YAH!
Molly: I believe in regifting.
Melissa: I think so. But lovingly!
Jessie: Very lovingly.

Make this Mother's Day one to remember by taking your mom to see Life of the Party, in theaters May 11!

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