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6 TOTALLY Fail-Proof Tips To Make A Perfect GRINDR Profile

Inspired by your favorite cringe-worthy beauty blogs, here are six ideas to make your dating app profile the best it can be!

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1. Firstly, your profile name! Always choose a letter, never a word.

Letters make you look elusive. All of your prospective dates will surely be enticed by your mysterious name.

Never use a full word as your profile name. Word's are too obvious and could lead to your personality shine through (awful!)

6. Give your personality a good coating of judgement when chatting to guys!

After your profile goes live and someone inevitably sends you a message, make sure your head is in the right place. Being a judgy guy gives you that sense of superiority.

You've got to be kidding me, right?!

YES! Thank goodness, these tips aren't supposed to be serious

But this YouTuber raises some important points

In the app dating world, using words and phrases that can be judgmental or offensive can be really damaging.

We ALL have likes and dislikes, things we find attractive and things we don't.

However, think twice about how you explain these in your online dating profile, and make sure you aren't inadvertently putting people down for the way they look or act.

You can watch the full hilarious video here

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