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6 Top Rated Tourist Attractions In Edinburgh

Do you love to travel a lot? There are so many tourist attractions in different spheres of the world. If you are thinking to visit Edinburgh, just get prepared to meet so many beauties of the city. This city of Scotland has some amazing landscapes and other attractive places. If you are living in England, this a closer place to you. You can easily visit the site without any hassle. There is less distance between Edinburgh and Bristol. The distance is 312 miles. So, you can visit the place at any time as you wish. Here I am sharing top 6 places of Edinburgh where you should visit during your tour.

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1. Edinburgh Castle / Via

This is the most famous landmark of Scotland. Most of the people from Britain who come to Scotland, visit this place in every year. You can visit and enjoy the impressive Scottish National War Memorial, stunning collection of Crown Jewels, Stone of Destiny here. Each one has its beauty.

2. St Giles Cathedral

St Giles Cathedral is Edinburgh's principal church which is standing with its amazing architecture. If you have the attraction to old structures, you will love this place. There are a 161 ft central tower with its eight arched buttresses. There is also the leader of the Protestant Reformation and statue of John Knox situated in this location.

3. Calton Hill and the Scottish National Monument / Via

This is a historical place of Scotland. From the Calton Hill, you will get a panoramic view of the area. You will just love the view from this location for sure. In the opposite of Calton Hill, there is a memorial to Scottish poet Robert Burns. This is one of the popular Edinburgh's highest social circles.

4. Cramond

You should visit this beach for historical attraction. In this beach, you will enjoy the weather however it may bad or good. There is also Roman settlement which most of the people visit every in different times. But be careful about the weather when visiting this location.

5. Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art / Via

If you have an interest in art, you shouldn’t be late to visit this gallery. It’s a beautiful Neo-classical building which has a different structured-garden. You will love both the collection of this place and the building.

6. Water of Leith Walkway

This is a popular cycling and walking route in Edinburgh. There are different restaurants and pubs in this place. You will also enjoy the weather of this walkway.

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