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12 Ways Mom Is Like A Private Investigator

Mom, P.I. is on the case. See how she does it at!

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1. She dusts for prints in some of the most traumatic crime scenes.

2. Sometimes she's assigned to locate missing family members.

3. Other times, she tracks down stolen valuables.

4. Along the way, she meets plenty of ruff characters who want to shake her down.

5. She somehow makes alliances with some of the most inhuman characters...

6. ...and picks up on criminal pacts.

7. She frequently goes undercover to avoid detection.

8. She regularly captures escaped convicts...

9. ...and is an expert in the art of deception.

10. She's frequently under heavy fire...

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11. ...but never feels the heat.

12. Through it all, she never fails at reuniting families.

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