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30 Of Pretty Little Liars Most Ridiculous And Bizarre Moments Of All Time.

The best and weirdest moments of PLL through to the very end. Warning this post contains SPOILERS from the finale.

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Undeniably popular, Pretty Little Liars has taken so many with it through it's journey (WHO IS A?! Then, WHO IS A.D.?!?) Ever a sucker for the teen genre, murder mysteries and shows with female leads, PPL had us at its weird doll/corpse intro.

There were many moments throughout the series where so many of us tapped out. PLL would continue to win so many of us back with it's consistently bizarre and corny antics as well as its ridiculous plot twists.

2. The show took the idea of being attached to your cell phone to the next level. A loves to terrorize via text so most of the show is made up of tense cell phone gazing and reading out loud. Super corny- think Scream- but whatever it's relatable.

21. The security at Radley. Psych patients allowed to wander the roof, long term patients dressed up as nurses and going unnoticed, unmonitored secret passages and rooms as well as phony doctors and fabricated credentials.

22. All the British men in the show turn out to be evil for example fake psychiatric doctor, Elliott Rollins. Also all the British guys get murdered at some point like in the finale where we learn that Wren's ashes get turned into a pendant! Which writer hates the British?

23. The secret identities/secret baby count is through the roof in this series. Jason - Alison's brother sleeps with his cousin, bc he doesn't know she is related to him! This is only the beginning of the Hasting- DiLaurentis secret identity/secret baby reveals.

24. Mystery secret baby of Jessica DiLaurentis and Mr Hastings named Charles is revealed. Later we find out that Charles is trans and is Charlotte, that Charlotte is A, and finally that she is Mary Drake and Mr Hasting's daughter, not Jessica's. #canyoukeepup

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