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15 Sailor Moon Gifs & Memes That Are Just Too Relatable

These Sailor Moon gifs & memes stand the test of time and are totally retweetable.

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1. Whether it's in the workplace or at school, why don't these strengths count for more!?


2. When you don't have as much money as you thought you did.

3. Bathroom lighting is always the best.

4. You've started the day and replied to two emails...

5. You rely on coffee to solve everything.

6. When you're mistaken for someone who cares.

7. You think things are bad and then they get worse.

8. It's Friday night and you spend all your time getting ready for a party or a date and then cancel last minute.

9. When someone texts "How r u?" and you're in an emo mood.

10. When people underestimate you because misogyny.

11. When someone brings you snacks.

12. When you say you are on your way.

13. Friendship matters.

13. We hope men that think they are better than women die out.


15. Self belief is both powerful and transformative.

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