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13 Reasons It Would Be Great To Be A Cop

Have badge, will party. It's the ultimate buddy-cop movie, except for one thing: They're not cops. Let's Be Cops hits theaters on August 13.

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1. Your ride is always — by far — the most badass.

2. And you can sound the sirens to really rule the road.

3. You can confiscate almost anything as "evidence."

4. You're never too far from illegal substances.

5. The uniform demands all kinds of respect.

6. You'll be an automatic master at crowd control.

7. No one will ever think of messing with you.

8. The job comes with some unexpected perks.

9. You can easily take your pranks to the next level.

10. Want to skip the lines? Just flash the badge.

11. It is physically impossible to have a boring day.

12. Intimidation comes easily.

13. And everything you do, you do in the name of JUSTICE!

Live the crazy dream with Let's Be Cops, in theaters August 13.

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