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    20 Sandals From Amazon That'll *Feel* As Good As They *Look*

    And yes, people with wide feet, this includes you.

    1. A pair of Birkenstock sandals that basically go with everything and will keep you both comfy *and* on trend, day or night.

    A reviewer photo of gray Birkenstock sandals

    2. A pair of colorful Tevas because '90s fashion never really went out of style. Plus, with the shoe's adjustable straps and grippy sole, you can wear these on a stroll up the street or during a hike a rocky trail.

    A reviewer photo of multi-colored Teva sandals

    3. Or a strappier Teva sandal for those days when you really want to get some mileage in and/or explore new terrain without worrying about your feet.

    reviewer photo of green teva sandals with three straps

    4. A pair of elastic flat sandals with soft, crisscross straps that are way easier to put on than sandals you have to tie or buckle — giving you one less thing to worry about when you're heading out the door for a long day out.

    The strappy elastic sandals in olive green

    5. A pair of cushioned espadrilles to let your toes breathe and make you feel like you're strolling around on a warm-weather vacation, even if you're just at your local grocery store.

    a reviewer wearing the sandals in leopard

    6. A pair of sporty hiking sandals that will come in handy anytime you're frolicking in the surf, exploring a creek, or otherwise having water-related fun. The cute, rope-like straps will keep them secure on your feet, and the rubber sole dries quickly, because there's nothing worse than walking around in soggy shoes.

    7. A pair of Crocs sandals with the same comfortable footbed as regular Crocs, but in a less ~polarizing~ shoe shape. They're sturdy and lightweight, too!

    reviewer photo of mint Crocs sandals

    8. A pair of Toms sandals with a cute cutout on the back and 3 1/2-inch block heels that provide support ~and~ give you a little lift all day long.

    reviewer photo of white cutout heeled sandals

    9. A pair of sport sandals with responsive cushioning, so your feet will feel like they're on clouds, even when the day involves walking pretty much all over.

    reviewer phot of black sketchers sport sandals with nylon straps

    10. A pair of slingback Nike sandals that you can throw on for a sporty, ~athleisure~ look whether you're heading to the gym, to brunch, or exploring a new city.

    11. A pair of sport sandals to keep up with all your fave outdoor activities like hiking up trails, traipsing through rivers, or walking around your neighborhood checking out everyone's spring plantings (check out the Smiths' snap peas!).

    reviewer photo of colorful Ecco sandals with straps

    12. A pair of strappy fisherman sandals with padded footbeds that can walk comfortably on the beach all afternoon, and go straight to semi-fancy dinner plans right after.

    reviewer photo of brown strappy fisherman sandals

    13. A pair of handwoven sandals with stretchy straps designed to stay in place and reduce rubbing, so your feet won't be angry with you after hours of wearing them.

    14. A pair of double-strap slip-ons that are effortless to wear and style, and have a touch of cushion to make sure your feet stay comfy.

    reviewer photo of dual strap flat sandals

    15. A pair of flip-flops because they mold to the shape of your foot, making them perfect for anyone who lives in flip flops year-round. This pair has arch support, a comfortable strap, and is water-resistant, too — not qualities you'll find in your typical toss-em-on shoes.

    model standing next to black waterproof flip flops with silver straps

    16. A pair of cork footbed sandals with a suede insole that your feet will love, especially if you stand or walk a lot. They're affordable, cute, and their neutral tones go with everything — what else could you want from a humble sandal?

    a reviewer wearing the sandals in beige on grass

    17. Double buckle sandals made from EVA foam to basically cradle your feet like they are sweet precious babies (I mean, aren't they?). And if your feet get sweaty from wearing them, you can just easily rinse the sandals off and have them ready and fresh in no time.

    reviewer photo of white double buckle EVA sandals

    18. Sling sandals that will make you feel like you're walking on a padded yoga mat, because you *are* — these soles are made from yoga mats. Plus, the straps are a stretchy material that won't cut into your feet and ankles.

    19. A pair of strappy leather sandals with a touch of a platform and soft, cork footbeds that conform to your feet the longer you wear them.

    the white textured sandals with three straps

    20. Cushy slingback sandals that will help absorb shock on every step you take, so even if you're literally running late, foot pain won't be a problem.

    reviewer photo of the wedge sandals with straps and slingback design

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