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    20 Things From Anthropologie That Make Truly Gorgeous Gifts

    Prepare for the applause.

    1. A tiled monogram mug to make make your most coffee-obsessed friend's morning that much more special — and prevent anyone else from taking a sip of their latte and claiming they didn't know it was theirs.

    black and white tiled monogram mugs with "A", B", and "C" on them

    2. A silver glass jar candle that will fill your bestie's home with the fresh scents of tropical fruits and exotic mountain greens. Once they're done burning the candle (*85* hours later!), they can reuse the decorative jar.

    silver glass jar candle with lid next to it and a candle burning inside

    3. A faux-fur blanket so your most coziness-obsessed friend can be wrapped in soft luxury any time you want — even when you're just sitting on the couch watching TV.

    4. An agate cheese board that your friend who deserves their own cooking show can use to turn any regular afternoon snack into an Instagramworthy spread.

    agate cheeseboard with various cheeses and fruit on top

    5. A stylish terra-cotta Vitruvi diffuser to make any loved one's room look and smell like a relaxing spa. Plus, it has an automatic turn-off mechanism, so they can *truly* relax while it's on.

    terracotta vitruvi diffuser

    6. A brass monogram pendant necklace for a piece of classic jewelry your fave person can wear all the time, because it'll match every OOTD.

    The brass initial necklace

    7. A stoneware tiled tray with French phrases on the base, so your Francophile pal can hold their keys, jewelry, and other small items in a très chic way.

    8. A astrological self-care journal that your friend who is ~in tune with the cosmos~ can use to jot down daily thoughts, reminders, reflections, or grievances (when Mercury is in retrograde, obvs).

    the self care journal

    9. A pair of patterned, wide-leg pajama pants for your loved one who wants to look cute and be comfy at the same time (aka everyone on your gift list).

    10. A vitamin C sleep mask, because while your most sleep-deprived friend may not be able to get a full eight hours of sleep every night, this mask can help them look like they do.

    Saturday Skin Yuzu Vitamin C Sleep Mask

    11. A crackle-glaze stoneware serving platter for your friend who aspires to party-throwing perfection, because offering guests snacks on a paper plate just doesn't project the same "host with the most" vibes.

    A mint, stoneware serving platter

    12. A rainbow pot to brighten a room and show off your favorite plant person's green thumb, too.

    13. A set of four stemless crystalline wineglasses with light color tinting, so they can make sipping any bottle of wine, no matter how inexpensive, feel like a special occasion.

    four blue/purple stemless wine glasses with a gold rim

    14. A faux-leather mini crossbody bag that's just the right size to for your loved one to sling over a shoulder and hold the daily necessities. Plus, it has a cool strap to add a pop of color to their outfits.

    black cross body bag with orange and white patterned strap

    15. A Slip silk pillowcase, because silk pillowcases reduce friction on skin and hair — so your friend can wake up every morning without crease lines on their face and the not-sexy version of bedhead.

    white slip silk pillowcase next to its box

    16. A jar of relaxing bath salts made with sea salt and pink Himalayan salt, lavender, and chamomile, to help any stressed-out friend decompress their body and mind after a long day.

    17. A marble and gold-toned steel wine rack that's compact enough to leave on a counter and will show off your fave wine lover's amazing taste in both barware and varietals (and encourage them to invite you over for a glass).

    6-bottle gold wine rack with rectangular marble base, holding 3 bottles of wine and next to bar accessories

    18. A set of three handpainted stoneware vases that your pal can style together or separately for keeping fresh or faux flowers around the house.

    19. A pressed glass photo frame with a vintage feel that they can use for holding photographs, keepsakes, or even pressed flowers in a simple and unique way.

    three different sized pressed glass frames with black and white photos inside

    20. A knit hoodie that's cute enough for your low-maintenance BFF to wear outside without looking like they just rolled out of bed (even if they did).

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