WTF Is Going On In These Vintage French Medical Posters?

    This does not inspire confidence for your recovery.

    The following are vintage ads — found at a Parisian flea market by Flickr user mononukleoza — for various French medications and supplements. Some things definitely feel lost in translation here...

    1. This looks like like a bad dream. A really, really bad one.

    2. Get better by smoking the world's biggest bong.

    3. Apparently not an ad for the movie Trainspotting.

    4. Stare into the abyss of this scary man's mouth and see if you live to tell the tale.

    5. This dude is TRIPPIN'.

    6. If you identify with this image, chances are you need some help. Sérieusement.

    7. Either a promotion for an anti-inflammatory drug or an invite to someone's 50 Shades of Grey book club.

    8. An intoxicated, troubled youth considers his poor choices.

    9. When you see an Italian maiden whose head has been replaced by a menacing volcano, chances are that LSD is working.

    10. No medicine in the world will help you when your ailments are caused by some wacko who is doing voodoo on you.

    11. If you take away one thing from this poster, it should be this: THIS IS THE END.