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    Which Type Of LipSmacker Are You?

    '90s girls know that a LipSmacker isn't just a tube of wax you really want to eat.

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    Classic LipSmacker

    You're a purist who only takes her horoscope seriously half the time. You like to balance fun with function, so you know exactly which LipSmacker goes on when. Oh, and are you into horses? You are, aren't you?

    Shimmer LipSmacker

    An early adopter of the glitter trend, your lips shone brighter than a shimmery silver tuxedo jacket on a Eurotrash club-goer. Like a frosty Sugar Plum LipSmacker, you're more than just sweet — you've got that extra special something. It might be breast implants.

    Tropical Fruit LipSmacker

    Oh, you: such a social butterfly. You can get really excited about little things (like anything in miniature is the best, right?), but that's not necessarily a bad thing — it just means you're passionate. Like a Passion Fruit LipSmacker. Oh yeahhhh.

    Peanut Butter & Grape Jelly

    Seriously, what is wrong with you.

    Dr. Pepper

    Ugh, you are one of those perfect people for whom the word "effortless" actually applies. "Effortless" beauty. "Effortless" style. Ohmygod just make something look difficult for once. Your winning secret is that you know what you like and your risks are never really risky. If you don't actually have your shit together, it sure does seem like you do, so congratulations. Cliff's Notes version: We all secretly want to be you. Revel in it.

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