What It Was Like Ordering From The Delia's Catalog

    It's the '90s and you're freaking out because your new Delia's catalog has not arrived in the mail and you need foam footwear. Like, now.

    It's been a couple months and it's almost a new season, which means a new Delia's catalog should be arriving in your mailbox any day now.

    Any. Day. Now.

    You basically spend a week doing this. Where the hell is it???

    You are so fed up with your clothes right now. You need new things. Like foam footwear.

    Meanwhile, you learn that the girl two streets over has already gotten her Delia's catalog. WTF?

    Whyyyyy? Life is so unfair.

    But then it finally comes and you can barely contain yourself.

    You're immediately like this:

    And then you'd start from the beginning again, and begin strategizing.

    Let the circling begin. You need this and this and this.

    And definitely these.

    Oh and this. For sure.



    And so you'd fill out one of these.

    Or you'd have to order by phone.

    And pray to God that nothing was on backorder, because then you'd be like:

    So you'd get your order in, and wait some more.

    And now we're back to this.

    14 business days later your package would arrive. It was like Christmas.

    You try on everything right away and have a fashion show. And you want to know...

    And the answer is: AMAZING! You look just like the girl in the catalog.

    So you go to school the next day dressed in your new Delia's clothes, feeling like this — pumped.

    And it's great until you see your friend wearing the exact same thing. UM.

    Except it was totally cool when you saw Joey Potter wearing something from Delia's on the latest episode of Dawson's. In fact, this was amazing.

    Which would just make you love Delia's even more. And then you'd begin your countdown to next season when you could start all over again.