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What If Wikipedia Was Around In The '80s?

An MS-DOS version of Wikipedia would have been a bitch to use.

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Wikipedia...circa 1980.

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Here's another fun creation brought to you by Squirrel Monkey, a project described thusly: "After seeing the British BBC show 'Look around you', Jo Luijten was inspired by the idea of creating a nonexistent world in the past. Using old software, like QuickBASIC 4.5 and MS-Paint, he created several '80s and '90s versions of contemporary social media and video games." You may have seen a previous video, "If Facebook were invented in the '90s."

This latest adventure imagines what Wikipedia would have been like in ye olde days (aka the 1980s). Don't miss the original song at the end, too — a Frenchy-style ode to Wikipedia.