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Watch "Matilda" Cast Members Reenact Scenes As Grown-Ups

The 1996 classic Matilda is being released on Blu-ray and the extras include a cast reunion where the actors decided to reenact their most iconic scenes.

Guess what: Matilda is being released on Blu-ray. Over the years, Matilda has become something of a cult classic, so fans will be pleased to know that there are some fantastic extras.

One extra includes footage of a cast reunion that Danny DeVito hosted last summer. One of the activities at this glorious event included some live reenactments of scenes — which, unsurprisingly, is a bit awkward when you see Bruce Bogtrotter replaced with a grown man, but is nevertheless completely engrossing.

This is one of the most memorable scenes of the film. Here, Bruce Bogtrotter is forced to eat an entire cake by the evil Trunchbull.

Oh my goodness. This is "Bruce" today. He's totally cute.

And here is Pam Ferris (who played the Trunchbull) and Jimmy Karz (Bruce) re-creating the scene.

Albeit with a cupcake.

And then there was this hilarious moment in the movie, where the Trunchbull whips little Amanda around by her braids.

And here's "Amanda Thripp" today. Still in glasses!

Check out this reenactment between Amanda and the Trunchbull — but since "Amanda's" hair is short now, they just make reference to her offensive dangly earrings.

Excited? Matilda comes out on Blu-ray on Dec 3.