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    15 Vintage Sewing Patterns You Won't Believe Are Real

    Why making your own clothes is rarely a good idea.

    1. This is how you attracted women in the '70s.

    2. I'm just not really sure how you can make an entire pair of denim overalls yourself...seems...tricky.

    3. OMG is that you, The Nanny?

    4. A lot of DIY effort — and material — would have to go into making this '80s debutante look.

    5. Sweet mother! That is a very interesting wedding gown.

    6. Although this '70s style with a bonnet is also quite the number.

    7. Star Trek chic.

    8. Hey, ladies! Jazz up your shirts!

    9. Who wouldn't want to make matching Hawaiian shirts?

    10. OK. This is kind of cute.

    11. The couple that wears DIY dashikis together, stays together.

    12. See what I'm saying?

    13. Sup, '80s lady?

    14. If you got your mom to make this for you, then you were clearly the coolest boy in school.

    15. Nothing beats a '70s lady-pantsuit, amiright?