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15 TV Shows From Your Childhood You Didn't Know Had Book Versions

The only thing better than watching Saved by the Bell is reading about it in novel form.

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1. Saved by the Bell

A guess at what it's about: Zack and Screech accidentally live-Tweet a Bayside basketball game from Zack's dad's company account. Zack's dad is now in big trouble for supposedly making suggestive comments about teenage cheerleaders.

2. Full House

A guess at what it's about: Michelle's teddy bear goes missing but is later found in the washing machine thanks to Danny Tanner's OCD needs to clean everything; Stephanie wears a crop top to school and chaos ensues.

3. The Secret World of Alex Mack

A guess at what it's about: As a girl who can transform into a mobile puddle of goo, "Alex's worst nightmare" must be getting into a tiff with one of those wet/dry vacuums.

6. Welcome Back, Kotter

A guess at what it's about: In The Super Sweathogs, Juan Epstein has a note and Mr. Kotter actually believes it's real. In The Sweathog Newshawks, Vinnie pens an editorial for the Sweathog Times about MILFs.

7. Dawson's Creek

A guess at what it's about: In Don't Scream, Dawson enlists everyone to play parts in his slasher movie...except someone actually gets hurt. (Spoiler alert: It's Abby.) In Calm Before the Storm, a hurricane is headed for Capeside. It hits, and everyone agonizes over whether they should have sex during the storm.

10. Moesha

A guess at what it's about: In Trippin' Out, Mo has been planning a special road trip for ages, but Kim takes over and it turns into five hours of stalking Hakeem. In House Party!, Moesha tries to throw a party without her parents finding out. Myles ruins everything.

12. Lizzie McGuire

A guess at what it's about: For New Kid in School, sorry, but the actual synopsis is JUST TOO GOOD. There's a new student, "a mysterious kid who just returned from Fiji. He's already made a movie with Steven Spielberg, skipped three grades, and taught Britney Spears how to dance." When Moms Attack is probably about Lizzie's mom taking away her headphones on a family trip because she's not participating in family time.

13. Are You Afraid of the Dark?

A guess at what it's about: In The Tale of the Virtual Nightmare, a gamer must figure out how to stop being such a nerd; he ultimately finds new joy in kickball. In The Tale of the Nightly Neighbors, a kid is convinced his neighbors are ghosts; turns out they are just squatters.

15. Growing Pains

A guess at what it's about: Maggie Seaver starts investigating coke parties on college campuses. Dr. Jason Seaver starts treating a nymphomaniac who is coming on to him. Nobody cares about Ben, and Mike chooses to be written out of this book due to his Christian convictions.

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