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    17 Times Pizza Restored Your Faith In Humanity

    In meat lovers we trust.

    1. When pizza was better than any human.

    2. When this little kid made pizza look amazing.

    3. When this little girl saved her mother's life with pizza.

    4. When a little girl requested her pizza come in the shape of a cat, and someone made it happen.

    5. When this cat clung on to pizza for dear life. Because pizza is worth it.

    6. When this kid tried to get away with ordering a pizza on his father's credit card. (Clearly this kid is a genius.)

    7. When this slice of pizza served as a pillow for this drunk woman, keeping her face clear of the hard, abrasive concrete until she regained sobriety.

    8. When a father wanted to share a pizza with his son, and he cut it up so his kid could have his own mini-pie.

    9. When this pizza delivery guy came into some money ... but never left his job.

    10. When this dog knew the power of pizza, and kindly gave some to his owner.

    11. When this kid expressed his joy over pizza.

    12. When Domino's decided to cater to its best customers.

    13. When this cat expressed pizza satisfaction better than you ever did.

    14. When this kid requested a Wolverine pizza and got his wish.

    15. And when this kid requested a pizza "THIS BIG" and someone saw to it to make it happen.

    16. When you realized there is no thing as a bad pizza.

    17. And when you realized that pizza is the one thing you will always hold dear and cherish.